Is it time you made a Financial Healthcheck appointment?

A quick glance at the bank balance, let alone a credit card bill or mortgage statement, is enough to throw many people into a crisis. Money just seems to vanish. Whatever happened to the home you dreamed about? The bulging … Continue reading

Pension planning TODAY can protect you tomorrow

It’s easy to think that if you have a pension, you can forget all about it until it’s time to retire. However, regular reviews with Clayton Holmes Naisbitt could help you enjoy a more financially comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Don’t … Continue reading

How to turn financial planning into child’s play!

In recent years secondary schools have been required to teach pupils how to manage their money. Lessons in “Financial Mathematics”, covering topics such as percentage changes and calculating interest, are now even included in the national curriculum. Within their citizenship … Continue reading

Brexit Stage Left: How could leaving affect your finances?

After the historic vote to leave the European Union was confirmed, many people began to wonder how it might affect them. Even now, the dust has not fully settled on the issue and the ramifications of the “Brexit” vote are … Continue reading

EU Referendum: Our commitment to you

The results from yesterday´s Referendum confirm that the British people have decided to leave the EU. We knew the “Leave” vote was a possible outcome, so we have well-advanced preparations to continue to service our clients whatever happens. We will … Continue reading

Are you making the most of your pension freedom?

Did you know that since the 2015/2016 tax year anyone aged 55 or over can take their whole pension as a lump sum, with no tax payable on the first 25%, and the rest taxed as if it were a … Continue reading

How relevant is your Life Cover?

Everyone wants to feel like their family and loved ones will be looked after when they pass away, but what is a Relevant Life Policy and how is it different to other Life cover plans? We take a quick look … Continue reading

ISA season is here. Make the most of your allowance TODAY!

The ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a popular way to save and invest money tax efficiently. Recent years have seen the amount you can save rise rapidly – a further increase is due in April 2017 – but what is … Continue reading

couple buying home

How will the new Help-to-Buy scheme affect you? You need to know these facts!

Buying your first home can be a struggle from day one for many people; saving enough for a deposit, as well as all the other associated costs of house-buying, can seem like an uphill battle that is destined never to … Continue reading

Is investing too testing? It’s time to weigh up the pro’s and cons

For many people the idea of investing can seem like an alien concept – the vast array of different terminology and information involved can be enough to trouble even the most erudite of minds. Clayton Holmes Naisbitt believes that helping … Continue reading

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